Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Frank is my Aslan

Good evening to all from here in Narnia.

Let me introduce myself. I am Tasha, a small little critter originally from deepest, darkest Oldham. Having said that, I'm not in Oldham at the moment. I'm in my last year at Edinburgh College of Art (eca), studying Animation. This year shall be spent making one glorious film (or at least that's the intention) and the idea of this little blog is to update about said film whilst I figure out how to construct my main website (any knowledge I had of Dreamweaver and the like has abandoned me). But updates of my currently untitled film shall come soon. Right now, other endeavours shall be explored.

Edinburgh looks like Narnia. eca was closed because of all the snow so that means that the child in everyone can take advantage of the free time. Animators naturally have a Peter Pan complex so this is perfect for us. I had a different agenda though. I wasn't going to play in the snow, I was going to check on the snowy antics I had been involved in the night before.

Fellow animators and excellent friends of mine, Christina and Richard, and myself went for snow fights and obligatory snowman building last night. After making hefty snowballs to begin making a fairly large snowman, we agreed that the shape of it vaguely resembled a rabbit. Thus, the making of Frank began.

Here he is.
We were determined to give those Sculpture students a run for their money. Granted, passers-by and ourselves thought at moments that Frank looked like a T-Rex, a squirrel and a rat but ah well, details. The ears proved tricky so this was the compromise:
This was the point where I suggested naming him Frank as I felt the ears made him look like Frank from Donnie Darko. My mum pointed out later that Harvey would've been a good name, considering the film is about a 6ft white rabbit. Harvey can be his last name. This was also the point where I felt Frank looked a little like a grasshopper.
Here I am with Frank.
Here we all are with Frank.

However, this is what I found today:
Goodbye Frank. I then wandered about the Meadows aimlessly for 20 minutes because I like the crunching sound walking in snow makes.

Snow is very distracting when it comes to making final films.

This is the first thing that's made me feel like it's nearly Christmas. There's nothing more Christmassy than a pillarbox topped with snow in my mind.

I realise this is a ramble, but I like to ramble.