Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Champagne with Journey

We have only three days to go until we greet 2011 so let's hope they're an excellent three days. I know a lot of people who want to see the back of 2010 sooner rather than later so here's to an auspicious New Year to all. I personally have mixed feelings about 2010 but it has definitely been better than previous years for me so this leaves me somewhat indifferent in the end.

I am currently trying to get a fair amount of work done before I venture back up to Edinburgh and start back at eca. Things are taking longer than I'd have hoped. On the upside, I feel I have figured out the staging of the second of my scenes which was causing me a real headache before.
Oh yes, I don't think I've explained the premise of my film. I believe I spent my time talking about rabbits made from snow. Let me rectify this. My currently untitled film concerns an eighteen-year-old, Jay, who is about to leave home and move to university. About to undergo the terrifying process of packing, his younger sister Lori offers her help sifting through the vast amount of belongings Jay has acquired. Noticing all the things that Jay hasn't used in years, Lori suggests that they make donations to a local charity shop. Here are Jay and Lori:
When I talk of the headache-inducing second scene, I refer to the scene that takes place in a charity shop. The layout is the reason why my brain hurts, especially when you consider charity shops tend to look like this. I hate backgrounds and I'm fairly sure they hate me. You have no idea how great the urge is not to do work and just play Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep on the PSP instead.