Saturday, 23 April 2011

I can't think of a witty title today.

So we enter the final three weeks of the project.

I'm working on drawing the final shots of the film, and then to more compositing and working on backgrounds (oh joy of joys). Mother and Morgan are still doing a sterling job with the colouring. I owe them many a thank you present. Neil sent me an idea for the sound and the recurring motif for when Jay and Lori's toys are onscreen is so lovely! I'm very excited about it.

I feel I should show you some stuff, so here we go:

Here's a linetest of the dog from the second flashback. I'm surprised how well this turned out, I thought it was going to look far, far worse.

Here is Shot 28, with the old couple in the charity shop (the background for which will be added at some point). I rather like these two. I completely inadvertently ended up making them look a bit like my parents, to point where my mum now goes "Ooo, look! It's me!" if I show her stuff with this character in it.

Finally, proof I do work, taken by the lovely Charlesworth:

Now to go back to drawing and being paranoid that I have a mouse in my flat... I suppose it was naïve of me to think I could go the whole year without one appearing (that is if there is one...)


  1. Diaeresis ftw! :D

    Time to get more serious and sleep-deprived than we were before... -__-

  2. @Christina Fung
    Indeed! I still feel the need to write diaereses even though it's probably not necessary anymore... it'll be an element of language that will have deteriorated but ah well!

    I am deadly serious already. Have you not seen my serious face? :P

  3. Natasha's serious face makes me afraid. It usually leads to deadly poking...Of Death.

  4. @Adie
    You know only too well, Mr. Adrian Sir. ^^