Thursday, 15 March 2012

Wondrous facial hair for all!

I need to bring all my Art Attack inclinations to the forefront again. I'm currently leading arts and crafts sessions for people with learning difficulties and fun little projects similar to those that Mr. Neil Buchanan spent so much of my childhood making seem to be ideal. It should be exciting!

I've had good fun recently drawing a mock Lord Kitchener "Your Country Needs You" poster for my boyfriend's birthday. My main aim was to give him a small taste of his delusions of world domination so his dream wouldn't be completely crushed in the end. However, I don't think that plan worked very well, because the A1 print of the drawing that I gave him has made him even more determined to devise takeover plans and grow a glorious moustache (neither or which will ever occur.)

Bless him. I too would be gutted if I couldn't grow such magical facial hair. Then again, one of my life ambitions is to become Hercule Poirot, which I think is quite unlikely. Maybe we can both aspire to a moustache such as this:

Steve Perry wonders if we could ever match his moustache...
"No! No one can match my wonderfully 80s moustache!"
(I blatantly wanted an excuse to use some of my Journey GIFs.)


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